Sales of domestic herbs




The shipment will be shipped within two business days after receiving your payment.


On the day when the shipment is sent, we also send you a notification via email.

For EU countries the delivery cost is 9 EUR,

For non EU European countries it is 14 EUR,

For other countries it is 19 EUR.

Send us a email and we will find the package for you. We can also give you a tracking number. Then we will see where it is and how you can get it.

It’s easiest if you simply reject the package. When we get it back, we’ll send you a new package at no extra cost to you.

If you have accepted the package, take a photo and send it to us by email. We will send you a new package.

You can return the package within 8 days. When it comes to our error, we cover all possible additional costs. Contact us via email and we will find the best possible solution.


Immediately after placing the order, you will receive a confirmation email from us to your email address confirming that the order has been accepted.

If you did not receive this email, then the order has not been registered.

Of course, you can also place an order that way.

Yes, it is also possible to pick up the products at our place with prior notice.


You can choose from several payment options, namely:

– by pre-invoice (we provide you with all the necessary information when ordering. When you pay, it is best to send us an email with a receipt (but it is not necessary), as this way we can deliver the package as soon as possible.

– Paypal (you need your Paypal account. If you don’t have one, you can also create one fairly quickly)

– with a credit card


Yes, each product also has a description of how to use it on the label – just as it is written on the website.

Taking double doses does not make sense, as the active ingredients of herbs are eliminated from the body quite quickly, regardless of the dosage.


If you forgot to take the tincture, then just continue taking it as usual at the next time.

No, that won’t work. The active ingredients of the herbs leave your body fairly quickly and then recovery does not take place. Taking it 3 times a day, well distributed throughout the day, is very important for a good effect.

You can use the ointment several times a day or as needed. When you use it for pain relief, it is very beneficial to apply it before going to bed, because then the ointment regenerates well at night when you are resting.

Yes, all the products are made on our farm.

The herbs are also grown on our farm. The only exceptions are those that do not grow here, such as cloves, papaya seeds, etc.

In very rare cases, we also buy herbs that otherwise grow here, but from Slovenian herbalists.

Children take the tincture according to weight. The lower limit of taking the tincture is intended for an adult weighing approx. 80 kg. As often as the child weighs less, the smaller dose is taken.


Example: the dosage for an adult is 25-30 drops. We take 25 drops for 80 kg. If the child weighs 20 kg, this is 4 times less weight and he also takes 4 times less amount of tincture – that is 25:4, which is somewhere around 6 drops, or up to a maximum of 7.