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About us

Herbal farm Hanuman was created in 2009.


Our pleasure to work with herbs we previously cultivated seperatly in its own way – one more practical, the other more by education. When our paths merged the result was Herbal farm Hanuman. Virtues of our patron Hanuman are our role model, because he is honest, compassionate, always ready to help and is a tireless seeker.

You can find us on the edge of the solar village Konjšica, at confluence of two brooks, surrounded by forests and steep slopes. An unspoiled corner, which is located near small city Litija, we use for growing herbs, vegetables for our own use and different testing of permaculture. Perhaps at first glance our Herbal farm Hanuman looks more wildly, but is genuine, full of diferent plants and most of all – without any chemical additives.

We believe that herbs have their own awareness and offer us more healing power and assistance if we are respectful, humble and honest to them. On the Herb farm Hanuman we gather all herbs by hand, dry naturally, carefully preserve over the year, taking care of our minds and atmosphere. So arise various herbal teas, tinctures, ointments, herbs soaked in oil and the like.

In addition to medicinal plants and our own experiences with them, we also geathered knowledge in various herbal workshops and trainings of Slovenian and foreign herbalists. We share this knowledge in various workshops about herbalism.

Medicinal plants, both wild and cultivated, accompany us everywhere – in the kitchen, workshop, garden, walking, trips, trainings, … – herbs are our life. And we are very grateful for that.

Monika in Tomaž Mulej

Herbal farm Hanuman
Tomaž Mulej – complementary activity on the farm

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