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Hello, I was taking tincture “Sedation”. I have to say that soothing drops are still a constant in my everyday life. I use them when necessary, as I am an advocate of healthy options for “first aid” in stressful situations, of which there were quite a few at my workplace. I often had problems with insomnia and tried to ease them with 30 drops in a glass of water before going to bed. In the future, I will definitely use another of your products. Thank you.    ANJA



In June, I got over angina with an abscess. After three weeks, my angina came back. During my recovery, I received antibiotic therapy. When I cured my angina, the bacteria from my throat moved to my knee. After therapy, painkillers and rehabilitation exercises, the knee was better but still painful. After all the problems, my immune system also weakened. I wanted to recover my health, so I turned to the Hanuman farm, where they gave me advice based on my health condition. To boost immunity, I ordered white willow and white mistletoe tincture (I also had problems with thyroid gland), and tea for overcoming inflammatory processes in the body. I ordered a cream made of spruce resin and comfrey against pain in my knee. After a couple of weeks of applying the cream, the pain in the knee subsided completely. Due to the regular consumption of tea and tincture, I feel less tired, have more energy and my health has improved. I recommend Hanuman Farm to everyone who wants to get healthy and maintain it in a natural way.   ANITA



I bought a tincture of white mistletoe from you, which is supposed to help with ovulation, regular cycles, conception,… In fact, when I took it regularly, as in the instructions, I had a cycle that was 28 days long, otherwise it is shorter. So this helped me , but I’m still waiting for the magic +. I know a person who bought this tincture on my recommendation, took it for 2 months and finally saw the magic + on the pregnancy test (before that she tried for almost 2 years).


St. John’s wort ointment

I use it as a face cream (I am 53 years old and have very dry skin). Since I’ve been using your ointment, my skin is shiny, nourished, my neck has also visibly improved, and the prominent wrinkles have disappeared. Works great as a foundation for powder. Let me also say that I do not use any other cream. I didn’t have any problems. I apply the cream every day, as recommended, on a face and neck moistened with water.

Beauty balm

Mother (77 years old) and daughter (29 years old) use it as a face and neck cream. Both are simply delighted. Soon after the start of use, the skin became shiny, soft. Fine wrinkles are less visible to mom. My daughter has never had such beautiful skin, even a small pimple disappeared. They had no problems using the ointment. They use it every day on moisturized skin.

horse chestnut ointment

I have quite a few visible veins on my legs. I apply the salve regularly, usually in the evening, but also during the day if I feel tension or a burning sensation in my legs. After applying the ointment, the tension or burning sensation subsides immediately. I had no problems using it.

As for the Honey lip balm – Excellent balm, pleasant on the lips and long-lasting. No problems using it. Lips are soft and nourished.

12 herbs ointment

I use the ointment from time to time to care for hard skin on my elbows and feet. I also apply if redness occurs or for wound care. The skin is softened and soothed. I had no problems using it. To summarize, in my opinion and experience, your products are top-notch and I gladly recommend them to friends and acquaintances at every opportunity. Your professional and at the same time friendly attitude towards us customers is also worthy of praise. The order is always fulfilled, make us happy with a small letter and attention.





About 15 years ago, I had a thyroid disease… in short, before I was diagnosed with it, the disease had already progressed so much that there was no possibility of recovery….among other things, I was taking the drug Medrol, which, as a result, caused me to develop diabetes , high blood pressure and cataracts……..I had an ultrasound for bile and then they told me that my liver was already affected by all these drugs……well, then I thought….all the drugs except for pressure I put it aside……every day I drank at least 2 liters of tea made from a mixture of calendula, nettle and yarrow in the same proportion and also tea of yellow bedstraw…and also a spoonful of Swedish bitters 3 times a day…I also made compresses from Swedish bitters… .in short, I drank these teas intensively for 2 years, 2 liters a day after sips (a few sips every 20 minutes)….then I went for a check-up and my thyroid is fine….I still drink the teas all the time…but due to diabetes, my body has cysts and as soon as I feel it, I immediately apply your Yellow bedstraw and burdock ointment and they disappear in an instant… in short – miraculous ointment. I belive in herbs and I know that people with cancer have helped themselves with yellow bedstraw tea and got better. Now I still have to do something for diabetes. Thank you for dealing with herbs and always and everywhere if there is a conversation about it, I give your email and phone number…and I always say that nothing helps overnight, that you have to be persistent if you want an effect. VESNA



My husband has prostate cancer and has been consuming smallflower willowherb for about 20 years – first as a tea, then as a tincture. When the PSA value was below 10, he took 20 drops in water twice a day; but when the value gradually increased, he started taking 30 drops twice a day. Thus, he has had a relatively stable PSA value between 25 and 43 for several years). He informed his personal physician and urologist that he was taking these drops and they both agreed that he should continue.


Transparent online store, fast delivery, quality and nice smelling teas in wonderful packaging, grown in Slovenia. I drank Herb robert tea to improve my menstrual cycle, which I managed to do after a few months. I also successfully got pregnant after drinking it and we already have a 6-month-old girl at home. I definitely recommend Hanuman herbs.


I saw about the Shepherd’s purse and Lady’s mantle and their healing properties for women in a book on medicinal herbs and I decided to investigate the matter. So I can say that the thing works when it comes to that period in a woman’s life when she is somehow preparing for menopause. So far, I have to say that I don’t know of any of the typical problems, and I use your tincture, among other things, to massage the lower abdomen. So from that point of view it works. I also drink Lady’s mantle tea. I wish you much business success.


Comfrey ointment: I started using Comfrey ointment because of problems in my shoulder, a feeling of burning pain, problems with unbearable pain, especially at night. I used the ointment regularly every day for several weeks, stopped for a while and then started again. I can say that I have had excellent experiences with Comfrey, not only with various joint and muscle pains, but also with the restoration of connective tissue and even cartilage. So that I definitely highly recommend Hanuman Farm’s Comfrey Ointment, which I will continue to use, with occasional interruptions, as advised with Comfrey. The situation has improved a lot, but the healing of tissues and tendons in the shoulder takes a long time and I will continue to persevere.


Smallflower willowherb Tincture I used the tincture for problems with the prostate, I am already older and this tincture is more than excellent and helps with daily drainage, to improve the state of the prostate and facilitate drainage. I am very satisfied and will continue to use it!


– what problems did you have – during a preventive ultrasound examination last year, I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and a slight delay in urination – what did you take and how – since August of last year, I have been taking smallflower willowherb tincture for 3 weeks, 2x a day, 30 drops with a one-week break – what were the effects – the last ultrasound examination in October of this year showed that the prostate was less enlarged, and the stoppage during urination was slightly greater. I decided to continue taking smallflower willowherb tincture for preventive purposes.